Thread-Locking Compound

AWS provides Bakerlok® Thread-Locking Compound replaces welding for casing joints on the bottom lengths to prevent unscrewing while drilling out cement. Welding of shoes, couplings, and collars to casing often weakens the casing and should be avoided wherever possible.


  • Wide range temperature from 50°C (122F) through 400°C (752F) at the bottom of the borehole
  • Easy Mixing: Bakerlok® is specially formulated to ensure a stable mixing consistency
  • Leak-proof seal: Couplings made up with Bakerlok® without any signs of leakage

AWS provides quality grease and lubricants products are exceeding global standards and promoting a wide range of products for diverse applications Standard & HPHT wells. AWS grease and lubricants are accepted by many of the E&P companies because these products are proven to reduce consumable costs, reduce environmental impact and prevent corrosion and rust.

  • Wide operational temperature range.
  • For rust and corrosion protection.
  • For lubricate, seal and protect thread of tubular